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HackSocial is a weekly email course that wants to make Internet people more charismatic.

Internet people who want to be better at communicating their ideas, making deeper connections with people and leaving lasting impressions.

Oh man. I've been working as a developer for years and could really have used this when I started. Your ideas are useless unless you can communicate them to another person and get them excited about what you have to say. Thats something I've always struggled with and thats why this is free. I'll be learning along side you if you chose to sign up. I want to make Internet people into master communicators - if you share that vision, then lets do it. Sign up below.

Each week you'll get an email with a set of resources (videos, articles, inspiration and exercises) that will help to you get better at a certain social skill. Just follow along and learn.

I reach out to people with serious networking chops to provide a set of links that have helped them become better communicators. Each week these links are compiled into a lesson centered around improving a specific social skill.

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